2018 Toronto Salsa & Bachata Festival + Canada Kizomba Congress


March 29th to April 1st our CEO & Founder of Social-Dancing.com Mario Knezevic alias Dj Knez was attending this event and here is a short description and our review of this event.

Traveling and Arrangements 

I was overjoyed to hear that organization would like to have me in the lineup, especially since I have been knowing the Gary Geronimo form facebook and I have been following his work and progress of festival developing and growing. From standpoint of the artist, I have to say Gary was one of the most polite and nicest people that I had the honor to meet in person. He was more than professional in order taking care of the airfare and travel schedule, and I had 0 problems with all of it in total, the flight was a direct flight and I even arrived the day before so I had time to rest and knowing the venue and all essential information like schedule and the event timeline.

Accommodation and Venue of the event

Sheraton Centre Toronto**** was the location of the event and me personally I would give it pure 5***** stars cuz staff was more than polite and professional.


Instructors Lineup

I would personally like to congrats to the organization team that did an amazing job putting such great artists with so much of variety into the same event. Besides the high level of knowledge, Instructors performed as expected and what is more important after the workshops and show, at the social Instructors didn’t have the ego or did make a selection with who they dance, they did an outstanding job socialize with the people who came because of them.


DJ’s Lineup

The Dj’s was on point and collaboration one to another was simply without any difficulties, what at the end resulted in the smooth event flow.  I would like to add the exceptional performance of DJ Nilson, Dj Gury Gury, Dj Timber in order to personally thank them for sharing they amazing vinyl collection with attendees of the event (for other vinyl collectors I didn’t had a chance to hear you play). Additional performance by Dj Lonyx, Dj Kafe, Dj Angel, Dj Sam Haddad & Dj Myster Youss for being more than professional by showing up earlier of they djing and collaborate with each other.


Additional notice of things that I have seen was an extra effort from organization team to provide daily meals for Artists and I have to say it is a really nice of them to do it because we know that sometimes artists have really hard time.

There were 4 different party rooms #SalsaRoom #BachataRoom #KizombaRoom and #LatinTop40Room and they all have been going well, with exception of Latin Top 40 Room that had few issues with speakers, but I can’t blame the organization for it cuz it was a technical matter.

Shows have run smooth, and there was some really cool show variations from Bachata, Salsa to Kizomba and Ballroom.

All in all, I am giving this even a 5***** star review, I did found few minor things that can improve this event or bring it to next level, but it was hard cuz they did an amazing job, and I am really looking forward to coming back next year. For the end, I would like to mention Oxana the stage manager and say that she did an amazing job and really hard work and besides that, I would like to mention that volunteers at this even can match any other team not in this planet but in the Universe.


Personal pictures from my phone can be found at the link: https://www.facebook.com/socialdancingcom/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2089028034670157

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