All I Want For Christmas Is You

All I Want For Christmas Is You
Duration: 3:12
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The Norwegian ensemble Hovedøen Social Club edits the musical work Slynger julen inn (Christmas in Salsa), an album dedicated to the Christmas classics. With some titles in English, but mostly in Norwegian, the album is the fifth and is preceded by the acclaimed Que Viva Norway (2008, C + C Records), Ay Caramba (2009, C + C Records), Clásicos a Los Cuban (2011 INDRIS PRO AS) and Salsa til Folket! (Grappa, 2015).

The orchestral producer and conductor Sverre Indris Joner -director and creator of the orchestra-, faithful to his philosophy of paying tribute to the Cuban music of the ballrooms of the fifties, presents 12 elegant and danceable songs with a marked tendency to mambo and cha -cha-cha

Bjelleklang, the famous title Jingle Bells, highlights Erik Eilertsenen the trumpet; All I Want Is Christmas For You, a sticky mambo, presents the vocalist Silya Nymoen while the cha-cha-cha Santa Baby invites Alexandra Joner in the vocals. When you wish upon a star is a jocular and gutsy theme that invites Helge Sunde as Donald Duck. På låven sitter nissen explores the Mozambique (rhythm created by Pello El Afrokan). Sergio Gonzalez sings Snømannen Kalle, or Frosty the snowman, a song in which Indris Joner plays a piano solo. The Puerto Rican pump Jeg snører min sekk is a canvas for the performance of the Pitsj vocal quintet. The classic Santa Claus is coming to town, or Julenissen kommer i kveld, as it is translated into Norwegian, is a danceable cut with explosive cuts. Vinter og Sne (Winter in the Snow) is a melancholic Bolero-Cha with the great performance of the vocal group Pitsj that invites the appropriate recollection for the season. In the executed solos we listen to Erik Eilertsen (trumpet) and to the same Indris Joner (piano).

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