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Do it again: American musician and vocalist Kevin Davis returns with a new success. Keep The Peace (Peace) is the new creation of this New York multi-instrumentalist that fuses Afro-Cuban rhythms with those of Trinidad and Tobago: The key and steelpan in perfect harmony. As it had already happened in albums like Mother’s Love or I like To Mambo, fourth and third production respectively, Kevin maintains a coherence.

Keep The Peace (Peace), the fifth recording of the Ban Caribbean, is an album impregnated with the joy that Goospel music projects. It is noted that the evangelical music of African Americans in the United States is an important influence on Davis’ music. Of the 9 cuts of the album, we heard two unique interpretations of two classics: Black Tears (Black Lagrimas) and Summertime (George Geshwin). Queen Shakila with her powerful vowels prints this last new life.

Ay Na Ma is our favorite of the album and Lagrimas Negra Caliente, a bonus track, invites Mark Roman on the trumpet.

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