Baila Mi Ritmo

Baila Mi Ritmo
Duration: 4:28
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Heaven and Earth is the fourth album by flutist and composer Colette Michaan. After his wonderful First Cause (2004), Querencia (2010) and Incarnate (2014). Of Egyptian origin, Michaan was born in New York and has developed an eclectic and captivating musical discourse with an ensemble made up of some of the best musicians of the present in the Latin-jazz and salsa scene.

The album opens with the rhythmic Baila Mi Ritmo, a composition by Jesus Lopez with the arrangement of Jorge Bringas and solos by Reut Regev and Yusnier Sanchez on the trombone and congas, respectively. The Colette Flute, vocalized by the Cuban Melvis Santa (Interactivo), is a wonderful sample of a subject with content and passion to end in an explosive craze. Waraya, a mystic number is a 6/8, which highlights Colette herself in a subject with positive content for the heart. Por Si Acaso, a track dedicated to Yemaya, has an introduction to rumba with subsequent transformation to a salsa and the outstanding participation of Cesar Orozco in the piano solo. El Jardinero Del Amor, a theme with pachanga as the main ingredient, flirts with Cachita- Luisito Quintero’s solo on timbales is a delight. Souaressi highlights Jorge Bringas on bass. The inevitable composition of Celia Cruz Quimbara, receives new airs in a frenzied volley with the flute of Michaan as a common thread. The album closes with a rhythmic guajira

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