Bebo De Cuba

Bebo De Cuba
Duration: 7:10
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Here we have a production that deserves all the sign of masterpiece. Its creator, the Italian composer and arranger Adriano Clemente, defines himself as a great admirer of the music of Bebo Valdes 1918 -2003), one of the fundamental pillars of what today is known as salsa. After having met the granddaughter of Bebo, the pianist Leyanis, also daughter of Chucho, Clemente managed to interest her for her musical project and cubanizo her Akashmani ensemble.

Bebo de Cuba, as the name implies, is a tribute in danzón to the great Cuban pianist Bebo Valdes, and highlights Emir Santa Cruz in the tenor saxophone solo, as well as Heikel Triviño and Leyanis Valdes, granddaughter of Bebo Valdes, in those of trombone and piano, respectively. Blue Calypso, a delicious and cadencioso mambo, that bewitches us with a single masterpiece of Santiago Ceballos on the trumpet and Adel Rodriguez on the bongo, among others. Bauza, dedicated to the great Mario Bauza (1911 – 1993), is a cha cha cha rhythm that evokes in its first chords the El Mareito cut. In this opportunity the theme is a canvas where Yuniet Lombida (baritone saxophone), Yandy Martinez (double bass), Lennon Ruiz (timbales) and Augusto Lage (congas) draw with their solitary soundscapes. Then we heard a suite called Latin Nostalgia, a collage of different moods: The first is permeated by the samba while the second is returned to Cuba with a cha cha cha re-visa in its own way the theme Always Singing by Bebo Valdes . Second and third are in time of bolero and mambo, respectively. Sambossa builds bridges between the MPB and jazz and the title that gives the project its name and conclusion is a bolero.lo.

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