Bernie´s Tune

Bernie´s Tune
Duration: 6:06
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Canadian pianist, composer and arranger Tricia Edwards presents Intaglios, her most recent and second solo musical production. Based in Calgary, Edwards debuted with Joy Spring (NRS Productions, 2009). Tricia moves through different musical currents with ease, her school is classical, and she handles jazz and Latin-jazz with ease. Intaglios includes 10 issues, 7 of which were written by Tricia herself. Having been moving through Latin circles in Calgary,

Three of Edwards’ mentors in Latin music, Raul Gomez Tabera (Cuba), Hector Murillo (Colombia) and Luis “El Pana” Tovar (Venezuela), were invited by the pianist to take part in this trip.

The album opens with a masterpiece of Latin-jazz, Trainwreck III. Inspired by the executions of the Argentinean pianist Alberto Ginastera, Edwards invites Jim Brenan and Luis “El Pana” Tovar in the solos of saxophone and congas, respectively. The jazz standard composed by Bernie Miller, Bernie’s Tune, is arranged like a cadencing cha cha cha, with development to son montuno, with outstanding performances by Edwards (piano) and Jeremy Coates (bass). Aslan Speaks is a hypnotic cut with background in the Chronicles of Narnia series of C.S. Lewis, while Tricia’s cats made the theme String Theory possible. The Chucho Valdes classic, Mambo Influenced, is re-interpreted with new airs, enough to blow new life. The same goes for Time After Time, the classic of Cyndi Lauper, where Tricia shows off her talent as an arranger.

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