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If we see the credits of the album 1st Intent we notice a peculiar fact: all the instruments in the production were executed by the same Carlos Sanchez. This multi-instrumentalist, born in Miami of Puerto Rican parents, achieves a true jewel that plays with nuances from different rhythms. The R & B, the Salsa, the Hip-Hop, the Pump, the Funk, the Salsa, and even the Psychedelic Rock, are integrated into each song with an unequaled ease. In the same way we listen to unreleased songs, composed and arranged by the same musician’s portent that received inspiration from Tito Puente and Ray Barreto.

Son of multi-instrumentalist father, Sanchez debuted with 1st Intent, a production he had with other musicians in the choirs: Ricky Luis Porrata, Dante Loaiza, Nestor Martinez and of course, Sanchez himself.

In 2004, Carlos Sánchez left the state of Florida to study music in Puerto Rico with the goal of achieving a bachelor’s degree in Jazz Studies with a concentration in Caribbean music from the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico. During this period of advanced studies, the young man perfected the technique of playing the trumpet, the piano, the timbales, the congas, the bongo, and began to compose / arrange / interpret his own music. Throughout his musical career, Carlos has shared the stage with many influential and legendary artists such as Tito Puente, Cheo Feliciano, Frankie Ruiz and Lalo Rodríguez, Julio Voltio, Tego Calderón, Vico C, N’Klabe, Marc Anthony, El Gran Combo of Puerto Rico, Giovanni Hidalgo, William Cepeda, Miguel Zenón, José Luis Quintana “Changuito,” among others.

The salty subject Chembelendekere; highlights Sanchez in the trumpet solo.

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