Duration: 5:17
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Finally one of the best musical productions of this 2017 sees the light. Deep Identity is the record of vocalist Manny Martinez along with his ensemble La Rebeldía. The renowned for his participation in the Azabache group honors the word Salsa. So is this production composed of 6 original numbers.

The album was recorded in San Francisico Bay and edited by the label Round Whirled Records. Of the Rebellion they make part artists like Camilo Landau (guitar); Christian Pepin (percussion), David Belove (bass) or Erick Peralta (piano)

La Rebeldia opens the album with an explosion. Claudia, a number with a power and highly sticky, highlights the trombone solo of Marty Wehner. Afro-Caribbean, title that served as a promotional, sings to cultural and ethnic differences. piano solo by Erick Peralta. Understanding builds bridges with timba and hip-hop and presents solos by Christian Pepín and Marty Wehner on timpani and trombone, respectively. Boogaloo By The Bay, as the name implies is a Latin soul with a characteristic sound of the orchestra of the 70’s and the late 60’s while Juana Gasolina is a typical full.

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