El Nido

El Nido
Duration: 3:59
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The collective Tumbao Bravo edits El Nido, his fifth album. The ensemble, created by American saxophonist Paul Vorhhagen and Mexican conguero Alberto Nacif in 2003, had previously recorded Montuno Salad, Casa Versailles, Friends From Our Hands and Un Systema Para Todo. With a musical discourse with Latin-Jazz as the main menu, the ensemble of Michigan conjugates in an accurate way Cuban native rhythms with sophisticated jazz arrangements and the execution of solos in a masterful way.

Charmed Life, a composition by Patrick Pouty, highlights Brian Diblassio on the piano and a master trumpet solo by Paul Finkbeiner, earlier than one by Patrick Prouty on bass. The title that gives name to the disc begins like a cha cha cha and it is transformed into a frenetic discharge with individual appearances of Finkbeiner (trumpet), Vornhagen (flute and saxophone, respectively) and Olma Piedra (timbales) and Gregory Freeman (congas) . Elephants, written by Vornhagen, is a mystical afro-jazz that invites reflection. Flex and Resonator, a freakish cha cha cha by Finkbeiner, highlights the latter in the trumpet solo and Brian Diblassio in the piano. Flight To Sanibel is a danceable number with solos by Paul Vornhagen on the flute and Finkbeiner on the trumpet.

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