En San Leopoldo

En San Leopoldo
Duration: 6:21
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Conformed in 2008 in Toronto, Canada, by the pianist and arranger Sean Bellaviti, the Lacalu Ensemble debuts with the recording Toronto Mambo. Recorded in the Lula Lounge studios, the ensemble represents the cream of Latin sound in Canada.

Bellaviti was in charge of directing the Lula All Stars project and the recording of her album Salsa De La Buena (2016)

La LLave highlights Sean Bellaviti’s piano solo. Caballo Viejo highlights Herman Olivera in the vocal part and with the majestic arrangement of Bellaviti this classic, once popularized by Roberto Torres, acquires new airs. A Novio Musico presents the Cuban vocalist Adis Rodríguez Galindo and the solo of the Peruvian Luis Orbegoso in the bongo. Gently Canto I low the fumes of the disc with a cha cha cha that manages a tension from the beginning with a clear tribute to the execution of Palmieri and a trumpet solo by John Pittman. Micaela gives us an organic sound. The Mawa presents the other special guest: Jimmy Bosch and his trombone while the Havana Pablosky Rosales faces the solo of three. The luscious number Lucy is one of our favorites. In San Leopoldo it is a traditional Cuban son, one of the best in recent years. Toronto Mambo is an electric shock that closes an album worthy of being listened to several times.

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