Homenaje a Generoso

Homenaje a Generoso
Duration: 2:50
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The Cujazz Ensemble is an initiative of the Cuban trombonist Andres Fernandez that brings together talented musicians from Costa Rica, rewriting the cubop legacy of greats such as Dizzy Gillespei, Chano Pozo, Frank Emilio Flynn or Machito. Andres, who was co-founder of Pupy and Los Que Son Son, created the IRE trombone quartet, before settling in Belgium, city in which he formed the contraband group, which debuted in 2007 with the album En Mi Habana, while that Abriendo Caminos, his second album, appeared in 2010.

Ciego De Avila created an ensemble of two cultures united by the same musical language, exposing their experiences and experiences with a universal approach. Colores, an album that has 9 cuts -6 of them written by Andres Fernandez himself-, is the synthesis of 15 years of musical career of the trombonist.

The classic Drume Negrita (Eliseo Grenet) opens the album. In the same way we listen to Tribute to Generoso, a tribute to the great Generoso Jimenez, one of the great trombone that has given the island in its history.Blues In Cha Rumbero is a number settled in the blues with single bewitching Fernandez (trombone ), Eduardo Montero (piano) and Kendall Berrocal (congas).

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