Homenaje Al Guayabero

Homenaje Al Guayabero
Duration: 4:51
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Language, Wire and Leather is a very good tribute to those Cuban rhythms that led to what is known today as salsa.

Sounds like the nengon, the changüi and the traditional Cuban son are revived in this album that presents a quintet of American and Cuban musicians. The arrangements were written by Enrique “Kiki” Valera-Alarcon, eldest son and director of the world-famous Valera Miranda Family of Santiago de Cuba.

Santo Cafe is a traditional son that sings to this world drink, a solo by Kiki Valera in the four adorns the piece. Homenaje Al Guayabero is a cut dedicated to Faustino Oramas (1911 – 2007), the singer, tresero and composer of Holguín, Cuba. Steve Mostovoy plays the trumpet solo. While The Divine Romance is a beautiful and rhythmic melody that highlights Justin Maggart in the vocals. The Yuma And The Son highlights Steve Smith in the bongo, the one in Seattle also repeats a solo in the explosive changüi Mi Emisora Esmeralda. Mera Amistad is a celebration of the union.

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