La Chica Perfecta

La Chica Perfecta
Duration: 5:38
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Moise González is an artist with a long musical career who for many years worked as session musician, leader band and timbalero of many international tours. As a solo singer he has already recorded 5 albums so far. His warm voice serves to transfer stories to the public, with a particular sound and personality. After more than 30 years on stage, the singer defends quality and uniqueness in his productions. That is to say, it looks for the best possible sound with an unpublished work.

Canarian artist, with a clear influence of the pearl of the Caribbean, since for more than 24 years he shares experiences in Cuba, where he has shared with great musicians, besides having lived long seasons, considering it as his second home.

Moise developed as a percussionist in a long musical journey, but due to a “muscular dystrophy” his life took a turn and he was separated from the percussion instruments, exchanging this for the vocal interpretation, since the musician-author now he sings to us his own songs.

Una Vida, Una Historia is the very representative title of the fifth and most recent musical production of the most relevant salsa show in Europe, Moise González.

The charismatic artist once again faces a new challenge in this concert which in turn has been recorded for CD + DVD. , an own production that pretends to use music as a breaking element and to open a communication channel with the most popular classes, in the Afro – Antillean music field.

Moise González consolidates Son Iyá Orchestra in the year 2000 and stood out mainly as a preferred orchestra for many international artists traveling to Europe.

They counted with this for their different tours artists of the size of: Cheo Feliciano, Jerry Rivera, Tito Nieves, Andy Montañez, Luisito Carrión, India, Jose Albero “the Canary”, Pedro Brull, Luis Enrique, Servando and Florentino, among many others .

We stand out in 2004, when the orchestra was asked to record a dvd-concert in which they accompanied 12 international figures to pay tribute to the now disappeared Puerto Rican Frankie Ruíz. This audiovisual work was entitled “Go for you Frankie” and was distributed worldwide by Universal Music, also being nominated for the Latin Grammys.

Moise González always believed in his band for this work and as a timbalero and band leader he toured many stages. Undoubtedly, Son Iyá orchestra was placed as the preferred one.

In some way, this artist has continued to dabble alongside the greats, maintaining the emblem of a recognized “Latin Canarian Music” always in force. And of course Moise Gonzalez is called to face “new invasions” and defend our culture and way of making our best dance music.

A life, a story, is just a step in time for its last 10 years of musical journey. Here they interpret songs that have taken it to take popularity inside and outside the Canary archipelago, where it resides.

This live album also includes a DVD of the concert, which was held at the Teatro Leal in La Laguna, Tenerife. A compilation of the most representative themes of the artist in this last decade. His songs have worked with musical arranger of the likes of Isidro Infante, Giraldo Piloto, Ángel Arce, Joel Uriola, David Gámez, Efraín Medina “Junito”, Ramón Sánchez, among others. Throughout the album we heard songs that had been previously recorded: Crazy Surprise of the production of the same name; Pienso y Siento, Veneno, Rumba Callejera from the Archipielago album; Nobody Knows Na and Rosa Maria of Stories; The themes Mi Habana, En Cuerpo y Alma and La Chica Perfecta del disco Diferente. They are released with a new adaptation and musical arrangement that were exclusively made for this work, the themes “The perfect girl”, “My Havana”, “Crazy surprise”, from the pen of Giraldo Piloto and Angel Arce.

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