La Lluvia

La Lluvia
Duration: 7:45
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The vibraphonist, timbalera, composer and Japanese arranger Ayumi Suzuki launches her debut Ayumania., Musical production recorded between Tokyo and Los Angeles that includes 7 original numbers -composed and arranged by Suzuki- herself and two covers: Maria Cervantes by Noro Morales and Mi Love of Naoya Matzuoka. In this album, Ayumi’s discourse establishes a bridge between classic Cuban music and contemporary music, with different touches and rhythmic influences that have marked her background as an instrumentalist.

Sakura, a beautiful instrumental melody composed by the same Suzuki, highlights Chiho “Isabel” Saito on the violin, as well as Hiromishi “Yan” Tsugaki on the keyboards, and of course, Suzuki on the marimba and the vibraphone. Anillo De Lazo is a cadencioso son montuno with outstanding participation of Takashi Nakazato in the congas; La Lluvia, vocalized by the Cuban Julian “El Pillo” Tapia, presents the solos of Mitsuru Tanaka and Ayumi on the trumpet and vibraphone, respectively. Knock Knock Knock is a festive cut that establishes bridges with the Caribbean music, particularly the calypso, and the salsa and in which Ayumi herself hits bumps on the timbales and a single hallucinatory on the marimba. Saredo Danzon, as the name implies, is a danzon that opens with a solo by Hiromichi Tsugaki on the piano while Umihotaru, with vocals by Julian “El Pillo” Tapia, is an Afro rhythm on 6/8 with the intervention of Hiromichi Tsugaki (fender rhodes) and Ludwig Esteban Nuñez (drums). Suzuki offers a tribute to Noro Morales in his legendary composition of Maria Cervantes. In this piece we listen to the participation of Jimmy Branly on drums and an overwhelming solo of Ayumi on her vibraphone, with that way of playing that only she has. Branly himself executes the drums in the last two pieces;

Suzuki achieves a premium opera that graduates with honors in the rumberos school. With sophisticated arrangements, with the elegance and the street necessary to position it as one of the most outstanding salseras of the international plane. Surely it will be one of the best productions of this 2017.

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