La Pachamambo – San Lazaro

La Pachamambo – San Lazaro
Duration: 2:12
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With a sound without makeup, raw and pure, La Pachamambo debuts with Aguzate. Based in the city of New York and directed by the pianist and arranger Kate Dunphy, Pachamambo presents the balance between the Mexican Cristina Kaminis and the Dominican Jose Candelaria in the vocal part.

Aguzate, name inspired by the renowned composition of Ricardo Ray, presents 11 themes, all inspired by the classics of all time. Topics by Celia Cruz, Richie Ray / Bobby Cruz, Ruben Blades, Fruko, Benny More or Pete Rodriguez, among others, found their way into the final selection.

The classic of the couple Colon / Lavoe Calle Luna Calle Sol is fronted by the singer Jose Candelaria. Quimabara by Celia Cruz, on the other hand, is the turn for singer Cristina Kaminis with Ric Becker’s solo solo on the trombone. You Lnow I’m No Good, a popular piece by Amy Winehouse, is treated like a guajira-cha with the good participation of the Mexican Cristina Kaminis. Sausage with Egg also gives space to Becker for the show with the trombone. Fever, a piece popularized by La Lupe, highlights Joe Wilson’s solo on the tenor saxophone. San Lazaro presents the wonderful solo of Kate on the piano. Que Bueno Baila You have an interesting arrangement that gives new life to the original, with alternate vowels between Candelaria and Kaiminis. The cut that gives title to the album presents the solo of Cristhian Quimbay on timbales.

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