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Made in Rotterdam, Holland, by the German conguero Jens Kerkhoff and the Dutch bass player Mick Paauwe, the ensemble Bongomatik presents this 2017 its third album Espanderland. His previous works, Bongomatik (2011) and Live Your Life (2013), had marked a path that comes to be claimed in this new album. Latin music, jazz, funk, reagge and cumbia flirt with the retro concept.

Espanderland, a cumbia guarachosa, presents the Colombian Alberto Caicedo in the vocal part. Whats Aup Break Up is a hypnotic and spatial dub that presents Yumarya Grijt in the vocal part while Lupita is a peculiar revision of the classic Perez Prado where we delight with a solo by Leon Den Engelsen on the keyboard. Squirrel Invasion, a composition by Leon Den Engelsen, is – as the name says – a sound cocktail with a string of solos by George Pancras and Thomas Hilbrandie on the trumpet and guitar, respectively. This cut summarizes the spirit of Bongomatik. Dancing, a composition by Jens Kerkhoff and Alberto Caicedo, is a sui-generis melody with a download at the end. Happiness Factory builds bridges with gospel and funk. Nog Eentje Dan closes the production masterfully and energetically.

career of Celia, with Sonora Matancera, with Johnny Pacheco or as a soloist. My Salsa Pa’ Los Rumberos highlights Diego Gale in the solo of tumbadoras while Sopita En Botella does it with Julian Arias in the Piano. Another of the recommended is the explosive Tres Dias De Carnaval, one of the favorites.

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