Me Provocas

Me Provocas
Duration: 4:54
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Made in San Francisco in 2013 by Peruvian percussionist Braulio Barrera, the group debuted with the title Como Te Soñe / Somos El Son.

Barrera, who is also a member of the renowned Dharma orchestra of Jamie Dubberly and Pacific Mambo Orchestra, has been based in the West Coast of the United States since 2000. The album, recorded in the DOBASOUNDZ studios, contains only original numbers – all written by Barrera himself – with the exception of All of me (John Stephens and Toby Gad)

Somos El Son highlights the timbalero Martin Villamizar, Aplauso Please is a very catchy melody that will make both the dog and the lame dance and presents the special guest Karl Perazzo on the timbales. The Final Decision is a bachata. Me Provocas has a phenomenal grip, with a trumpet solo by Bill Ortega. The Mulata Wiggles overflows cadence. As Te Soñe, number that gives title to the production, is a romantic salsa with Derek James in the trombone solo. In Toca Tu Bongo we witnessed a bongo solo from the same Barrier. All Of Me, the only cover song on the album, is arranged like a cha cha cha with the voice of Bill Ortega Jr. while the album ends with an arrangement of the popular video game MArio Bross in the form of a guaracha.

As Te Dream is a dream debut, it has everything the dancer demands: flavor, cadence and intensity from beginning to end.

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