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The Venezuelan percussionist Simon Monserrat, together with his ensemble Djeli, edits #Latino, his fourth record production. The album, which is preceded by The Storyteller (2004), Crossroads (2012) and #Afro (2017), was recorded in Sweden – a country where Monserrat has been living for decades – and invites great salsa artists to the world : Puerto Rican trumpeter and vocalist Jerry Medina (Batacumbele), Cuban trumpeter Yuliesky Gonzalez, MC Rico Pabon and Cuban pianists Richard Ortega and Oldrich Gonzalez. In the same way we listen to Thomas Eby, vocalist of the Swedish group Calle Real and the Spanish singer Angeles Gomez.

Listen to my songo open the recording with the unmistakable voice of the unique singer Jerry Medina – who also plays the trumpet solo -. An explosive and effervescent number that will brighten the day with those salseros with a fine ear. Monserrat is featured in solo timbales and congas. Monfogo, a cut dedicated to this Puerto Rican dish, is a salsa vocalized by the Colombian Roger Martinez and in which we listen to the solos of Yuliesky Gonzalez on the trumpet and of Oldrich Gonzalez on the piano. La Rumba La Traigo Yo, a rumba in guaguanco, build bridges with flamenco in a phenomenal tandem by the vocalists Raciel Garces Espinosa and Angeles Gomez along with the Swedish guitarist Erik Steen. Ancient Wisdom explores hip hop with electronic elements with the outstanding participation of MC Rico Pabón (John Santos’ Latin jazz sextet) and the Swedish singer Marina Johansson. Sounds your tambo is a sticky sauce with solos by Richard Ortega and Mats Hermansson on the piano and trombone, respectively. Latibonito is an eclectic and mystical theme with religious overtones that becomes a guajira and is vocalized by the Haitian Roger Chatelain: The Cuban Santiago Jiménez on the violin, Martin Pålsson on the trombone and the same Monserrat on the wonderful flute solo, rounded an epic and classic number. The Quitipla is a cut of Afro-Venezuelan influences with the vocalization of the Brazilian Simone Moreno.

#Latino is an eclectic work with the necessary strength to turn some of its themes into real classics. Monserrat achieves a balance between the different musical currents of Latin America. Surprising.

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