Mr. Bond Half and Half

Mr. Bond Half and Half
Duration: 6:34
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The American trumpeter Ron Francis Blake debuts with the magnificent recording Assimilation (hispeedhorns). an album of original pieces that moves through Latin-jazz with an impressive facility. 5 original songs and two covers (You And Me and Mr. Bond Half and Half) decorate the disc in which we find a pleyade of top level musicians among which we can mention Poncho Sanchez, Joey De Leon, Joe Rotondi, Rene Camacho and the Cuban singer Adonis Puentes, among others.

La Llave (Zambiando) opens the album with the participation of Adonis Puentes in the vocals and Joe Rotondi in the piano, while Mr. Bond Half and Half highlights the conguero Poncho Sanchez and the solo of the same Blake in the trumpet. In the same way we delight with Francisco Torres and his trombone solo. Saura De Nazareth, based on a choro rhythm, presents Andy Abad on guitar and lute. This theme unfolds like a happy and rhythmic discharge with the line marked by Blake in his trumpet. With Deductions, a track dedicated to Davey Torres, initially highlights Rob Hardt on the flute and later Andy Langham and Joey De Leon on the piano and congas, respectively. Night Dream is a 6/8 canvas for the showcase of Poncho Sanchez, once again, and Seamus Blake on the tenor saxophone

Assimilation is an intimate album with exceptional sensitivity. The tension handled from beginning to end, by the trumpeter based in California keeps us captive.

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