Por Ti Lo Haria

Por Ti Lo Haria
Duration: 4:20
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The great hits of the Powerful Latin Orchestra are released on a double album for the ALOSIBLA label. Two discs are included in this recording: one in which the protagonist is the Sicilian pianist, vocalist and arranger Massimo Scalici (co-founder of La Maxima 79 and La Sabrosa Siciliana) and the other with the singer and guitarist Fito Gress from Havana (Rodolfo Crespo Loredo) -founder of La Banda Del Puerto- as a featured artist. The ensemble was formed in 2015 in Palermo (Italy) by Massimo and Fito.

Salsa and bachata are included in both albums. Son Para Ella, previously performed by La Banda Del Puerto, an orchestra in which Gress stood out as lead vocalist, opens the album with a very sticky timba that will make dancers and unsuspecting dancers stop. rumba. Tu Amor is a romantic number that presents Aldo Oliveri’s solo on the trumpet. Son, a composition of Fito himself, is a tribute to the root, to the Cuban son and in this we listen to the successful improvisation of Fito Gress in the pregones. One of the recommended songs without a doubt. Dimelo Tu, a composition by Scalici, opens the other album. You, a composition of Ten Sharp popularized by Ten Sharp in rock, receives a treatment in salsa with a great arrangement of Scalici himself, and who also takes care of singing it. Fragile, the renowned song of Sting, builds bridges with flamenco in a once splendid arrangement of Scalici. Massimo De Maria stands out in the flamenco guitar and Aldo Oliveri in the fiscorno. Por Ti Lo Haria is a cadente sauce and blow.

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