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American bassist and producer Matt Geraghty immerses himself in a titanic task that thrives with impressive fluency. Along with the saxophonist, producer, engineer and head of Brazilian mix Zé Luis and film director Laura Newman, Matt presents a series of unprecedented musical collaborations. The album recreates through spontaneous and improvised jams the musical journey and evolution between sound axes such as Havana and the United States, Brazil and West Africa. New Orleans. In this trade (Trade in Castilian means commerce) sound, we heard in 21 days more than 100 collaborations.

Articulated in days, we found different guest artists: Dia 1 was recorded Breaking Barriers with the percussionists Jose Julian Morejon Pino, Keisel Jimenez, Eduardo Ramos Hernandez and Edgar Martinez Ochoa. On the second day Direct Hit was recorded, a number registered in the Callejon De Hamel in Havana with Rumba Morena. In The Temple was recorded in the mythical studies EGREM (THE TEMPLE) of Havana with the collaboration of the pianist Rolando Luna and the percussionist Oliver Valdes. Cactus Flower, a number that is recorded on the fourth day, is a son with the participation of Ernesto Reyes Proenza “Palma” – musical director of the Young Classics of Son, Cesar Hechavarria Mustelier “El Lento” (three) and Jose Angel Pastrana. On the fifth day, the eclectic Yank Tank emerged, edited at Cafe Mira Mar with Julito Padron, David Alfaro, and Adel Gomez. Dudas, one of the dance pieces on the album and composed by Juan Formell, features the renowned vocalist Teresa Garcia Caturla. On the seventh day we find Planet Fluto, a son that highlights Rene Hererra on the flute. Passing The Torch, recorded in Old Havana, highlights Don Pancho. Port Of Hope has Pablo Diez while Havana Sky puts the focus on the powerful interpretation of Don Pancho Terry -one of the leaders of the Terry dynasty- in the chekere. The New Now presents Mary Fernandez Garcia. July Snow or Nieve De Julio, recorded on the twelfth day, builds bridges with funk and highlights Cuban guitarist Jorge Chicoy. Caribbean Roots, a cut recorded on a site, presents Son Del Guaso and its execution of changüi.Commom Currency, a funk, was recorded on day 14 in the garage of drummer Juan Carlos Rojas Castro, also participate here with a majestic performance . Building Bridges was built at the Abdala Estudios de La Habana while Best Of The Best – day 16 – was filmed at La Casa Balear with the participation of Denis & Swing. On the other hand in Just Like That and Prende -dias 18 and 19 respectively- we listened to the young Interactive band with its director, the pianist Roberto Carcasses, and the singer Telmary. The album closes with a Suite with just under 15 minutes of recording in the EGREM studios.

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