Duration: 3:44
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The Mambo Compañeros ensemble presents its most recent and third musical production, Clasicos Recuerdos. Formed in Trondheim (Norway) by Morten Husse (piano) and Kåre Kolve (saxophone) in 1996, they invited Cuban singer Alexander Fernandez (ex-Manolito and Su Trabuco) in 1997 to join the project.

Accompanied by the Trondheim symphony -directed by Anders Larsen-, Mambo Compañeros, who have already released the discs Viva Salsa (GTA, 2004) and Nuestra Manera (MBN AS, 2011), present 9 cuts that are part of the classical music Cuban and the universal mambo of all time: Siboney by Ernesto Lecuona has the arrangement and only saxophone by Kåre Kolve. El Manisero or The Peanut Vendor by Moises Simons is arranged by Magnus Forsberg; Marina (Rocco Granata) or Perfidia by Alberto Dominguez are also included. Mambo Italiano (Bobo Merill) highlights Morten Scrøder’s trumpet solo while Arrivederci Roma presents Morten Huuse’s piano solo, Mañana (Peggy Lee) highlights Luison Capote in the congas.

The orchestration is fascinating and the amalgamation of classical music with the Cuban one of a unique delight.

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