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After his debut Eleven (2014), an album dedicated to his little son who was released in November 2011, the Dominican percussionist Daniel Peña returns with an album that will give a lot to talk about and will undoubtedly be one of the best productions of sauce of this 2017. With just a glance at the credits we know that Sancocho includes quality: Nelson González (three), Nestor Torres (flute), Jimmy Delgado, Ralph Irizarry, Eddy Montalvo, Nicky Marrero (percussion ), Ismael Miranda and Meñique and in the vowels, among others.

Born in Santo Domingo in 1972 and settled since 1999 in Miami, Peña has recorded with Tito Puente Jr, the pianist Marlow Rosado on his Retro album, as well as with the pianists Larry Harlow and Richie Ray. In the same way artists of the stature of Paquito D’Rivera, Celia Cruz or Giovanni Hidalgo had the privilege of having Peña in their formations.

Sancocho, an album that contains 11 numbers, and of these 3 unpublished, was produced by Gamalier Reyes and presents the arrangements of Luis Samuel Prieto Jr and Daniel Peña himself, as well as Carlos Jimenez (Soledad) and Julian Cifuentes (Fly Me To The Moon). Moliendo Cafe, the famous composition of Hugo Blanco, is an overflow of stars that download and execute solos everywhere. Thus, we listened to Richie Ray on the piano and the solos of Jimmy Delgado, Ralph Irizarry, Nicky Marrero in the pailas and Piro Rodriguez in the trumpet. Soledad, a two-handed composition between Peña and Ismael Miranda, presents the latter in the vocals and Luis Marin’s piano solo. Sazón Dominicano is a merengue that invites Jandy Ventura in the vocals and Ramon Orlando in the piano, as well as Crispin Fernandez in the saxophone. Fly Me To The Moon, an arrangement by Julian Cifuentes, dismisses Nestor Torres on the flute and Salvador Cuevas on the bass. Vive La Vida Hoy, number popularized by Frankie Dante and Su Flamboyan, invites Nelson Gonzalez in the tres and bassist Jose “Joe” Santiago. By Alguien Como Tu, original by Ilan Chester, is a cha cha cha that transforms into guajira -with arrangements by Carlos De Leon-, highlights the Panamanian Meñique in the vocal part and Gilberto Colon Jr and Carlos de León himself in the piano and trumpet, respectively. Quizas, Quizas, is a beautiful re-interpretation of this classic with the appearance of the singer Paquito Guzman and Luis “Papo” Marquez on the trumpet. Because Now is a danzon with the special participation of Gerardo Aguillón on the violin. El Amor is a magnificent romantic court featuring the Dominican singer Raulin Rosendo and the pianist Ricky Gonzalez.

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