Tanta Saudade

Tanta Saudade
Duration: 5:49
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Cubanisms is an excellent musical proposal in septet format that gives life to classics with a new touch and an implicit magic that falls in love from the first cut. With a forceful and very strong vocal tandem, formed by Fedra Cooper and Bruno Bessa, Cubanisms was created in Kansas City by the tresero and arranger Michael McClintock and debuts with the album Acento Cubano. Cubanisms establishes a clear musical discourse that seeks to combine Cuban rhythms with Latin American ones.

The Cuarto De Tula, a phenomenal interpretation of this classic, presents an amazing flute solo by Mark Strozier and one by Michael McClintock in the third. Tanta Saudade, original from Chico Buarque, builds bridges between salsa and Brazilian popular music (MPB), in a court that enraptures us. The Afternoon Has Been Sad, a composition by Pedro Luis Ferrer, is a theme with a magic in which we listen to the great Vera Cruz singer Fedra Cooper, who repeats in the bolero, here with a peculiar touch, Unforgettable. The popular Summertime by Gerschwin is an enchanting version with Bruno Bessa’s vocals. The album closes with the popular title Aguanile.

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