Tres Dias De Carnaval

Tres Dias De Carnaval
Duration: 5:04
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Colombian singer Patty Padilla presents Tributo a La Guarachera, a production that, as the name implies, pays homage to the famous Cuban singer Celia Cruz. Accompanied by The Gale Group, Padilla exploits all his talent and a voice that falls in love and fits phenomenally to the guarachas. But Padilla is not a copy of Celia, the Bogota woman transcends and prints her stamp and characteristic stamp to each number that Celia will interpret

Padilla, who joined the Katerva orchestra, also integrated Los Dinamicos and Los Numero Uno, before forming Azucar Band, an ensemble inspired by Celia Cruz. In February 2012 she participated in the Reálity Show of Caracol Televisión ¨Yo llamo¨ where she represents the great Celia Cruz, her artistic inspiration since always. This opportunity makes millions of people in Colombia and many parts of the world know the artistic quality of Patty Padilla. This experience leads her to record with Codiscos the album Tributo a la Guarachera, by the hand of maestro Diego Galé.

The album takes a tour through the most representative themes of Celia’s career, with the Sonora Matancera, with Johnny Pacheco or as a soloist. My Salsa Pa’ Los Rumberos highlights Diego Gale in the solo of tumbadoras while Sopita En Botella does it with Julian Arias in the Piano. Another of the recommended is the explosive Tres Dias De Carnaval, one of the favorites.

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