Un Mismo Son

Un Mismo Son
Duration: 6:27
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Mexican bassist, composer and arranger Carlos Toledo returns with his Cápsicum ensemble. On this occasion they arrive with their first musical production, Prueba El Sabor. 7 Cortes, of which 4 were written by Toledo himself, make up the recording. Capsicum does not bring the same recipe from the majority of salsa orchestras, Capsicum brings together different musical tendencies and sonorities, aggressive and unconventional arrangements.

Cápsicum is the scientific name with which the family to which chili peppers belong is known. From the name, it is easy to imagine what country this new group comes from: Mexico. Capsicum proposes a risky and electrifying musical discourse. The bet, without any doubt, is the settled salsa and well interpreted.

Recuerdos De Soledad, a composition by Milton Muñoz, opens the album. Prueba El Sabor, the single with which we had known this band, is a Toledo composition. Mexican sauce, with flavor and a lot of spice. It arises from the soul and with much feeling, from Merida to Tijuana …. Un Mismo Son, one of the most interesting cuts, sings to the nonsense of war and peace. This theme highlights Angel Martinez in the trumpet solo. Os Words, the famous composition of Osvaldo Farres, is included – with more than 11 minutes of duration – and treated as a cha-cha-cha with unexpected and unexpected changes that lead to an explosive discharge with solos by Carlos Toledo (double bass) .

Aji, afinque, irreverencia and mezcal are the recipe of Cápsicum.

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