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Created in Paris, France, in 2010, the French group Salsos + presents its first Popular recording.

It all started when the musicians Diego Sánchez (bongosero from La-33), Florencia Jaurena, Andrés Vela and Pierre Klemas met at La Ciudad Luz to create a musical project, they were joined by musicians who came from musical currents as diverse as classical music, jazz, reggae, rock and Colombian folk music.

Under the musical direction of the Colombian saxophonist Andres Vela, Salsos + recorded in 2012 the EP Prélude, which was publicly released at the Colombian embassy in Paris.

Popular is a round album that only gives us original music created by all the members of the collective. The downloads, the montunos and guajiras are the order of the day. An excellent start for a collective that took the responsibility of rescuing the salsa from the old school. Loves Del Centro has a melody that hooks right from the beginning with cries of Lawey Segura and Julian Ortiz (Toño Barrio) and a single from the Venezuelan Klennder Rosales on the trombone. Walk The Flute is a son montuno with incorporated surprise that gives us a great flute solo from the Argentine Florencia Jaurena. El Barrio is a download with outstanding performance of Andres Vela (saxophone), who repeats only in Intro. The bet in a guajira with fabulous performance of Emmanuel Guerrero on the piano while Rumbero, as the name implies, presents an introduction to rumba (guaguanco). Poison, a download of more than 7 minutes with several moments where Emmanuel Guerrero plays the piano solo.

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