Y No Lo Digo Yo

Y No Lo Digo Yo
Duration: 4:48
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Tromboranga edits Tumbando Fronteras, his ninth musical production.

What started in Barcelona as a concern of its director, the Venezuelan timpanist Joaquin Arteaga, has become a project that crosses barriers, continents and, as his last title presents us, is knocking down borders. In the last decade, and after the appearance of his first album Salsa Dura (2011) – with the mega hit of Agua Que Va A Caer -, Tromboranga has become one of the hard salsa orchestras with the greatest international projection in the world. independent salsa circuit.

With arrangements by Albert Costa, Lorenzo Barriendos, Josep Blanes, Rafa Madagascar, Freddy Ramos, Vladimir Peña and the same Joaquin Arteaga, Tumbando Fronteras, only with original numbers, achieved a good balance between the different times of the sauce. Cha Cha Cha, Bolero, Montuno, Mambos, Download and Guaguanco are the order of the day.

Tromboranga does not lose the essence and this is heard right from the first cut. Another Brick On The Wall, an Arteaga composition with the vocalization of Freddy Ramos, the Venezuelan who becomes immense in this new album. Guaguanco Pa’l Barrio, one of the heaviest cuts on the record, is vocalized by the Cuban Diego Coppinger. And I Do not Say It I am the timba proposal of the Spanish while Tu y Yo, a composition by Cristian Gonzalez, is a melancholic bolero of successful execution and no less spectacular vocalization of Freddy Ramos. Rafa Madagascar is in charge of the piano solo. For Buenaventura, with arrangements by Vladimir Peña, it is a download dedicated to this Colombian city. The album closes with Pachanga Chango, as the name implies, a pachanga with the flavor of yesterday and a single from Arteaga on the timbales.

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