Carlos Sanchez  – 1st Intent Carlos Sanchez  – 1st Intent
If we see the credits of the album 1st Intent we noticed a peculiar fact: all the instruments in the production were executed by... Carlos Sanchez  – 1st Intent

If we see the credits of the album 1st Intent we noticed a peculiar fact: all the instruments in the production were executed by Carlos Carlos Sanchez. This multi-instrumentalist, born in Miami of Puerto Rican parents, achieves a true jewel that plays with nuances coming from different rhythms. R & B, Salsa, Hip-Hop, Bomba, Funk, Salsa, and even Psychedelic Rock, are integrated into each song with an unparalleled ease. In the same way we listen to unedited themes, composed and arranged by the same portent of musico that received inspiration from Tito Puente and Ray Barreto.

Son of a multi-instrumentalist father, Sanchez debuted with 1st Intent, a production that I have with other musicians in the choirs: Ricky Luis Porrata, Dante Loaiza, Nestor Martínez and, of course, Sanchez himself.

In 2004, Carlos Sánchez left the State of Florida to study music in Puerto Rico with the goal of achieving a bachelor’s degree in Jazz Studies with concentration in Caribbean music of the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico. During this period of advanced studies, the young man perfected the technique of playing the trumpet, the piano, the timbales, the congas, the bongo, and began composing / arranging / interpreting his own music. Throughout his musical career, Carlos has shared the stage with many influential and legendary artists such as Tito Puente, Cheo Feliciano, Frankie Ruiz and Lalo Rodríguez, Julio Voltio, Tego Calderón, Vico C, N’Klabe, Marc Anthony, El Gran Combo of Puerto Rico, Giovanni Hidalgo, William Cepeda, Miguel Zenón, José Luis Quintana “Changuito,” among others.

The sour topic Chembelendekere; Highlights Sanchez in trumpet solo.


Carlos Sanchez – Chembelendekere




I was Born 18th of may.1981 in Zagreb the capital city of Republic of Croatia. I Found my passion for music and dancing in late 1996, by being part of subcultural hip-hop scene as a b-boy (breakdancer). As part of hip-hop scene, I have been introduced to ”the art of turntablism” and I have to say that it was a love at first sight, the power to control the people by selecting the songs and the art of mixing oh my god from that moment I knew that this is something for me.
I didn’t start as latin DJ at the beginnings, I was learning more about hip-hop, funk and soul music at that time, because to be honest there was nobody to teach me about latin music. Later on, when I was traveling I heard term ”Salsa” and I don’t know why but it was planted in my brain, and I start hearing that word more and more, so as some story would start ”once upon a time” I end up go to a salsa party and I expected to be another latin and ballroom dance but I was so wrong.
I was amazed by the freedom of dancing, completely free with pure love and passion like there is nothing else between dancing couples nothing but the moment that they share right here and right now, in front of my eyes I witness something amazing, a dancing that is free driven by creativity of partner to lead the way and girl to follow with endless possibility of adding your own style and moves into it.
”So we can say I have become a fan”
I was so happy that in one night I have discovered: salsa, bachata, and merengue so my journey has started. I start learning about it and collecting the music anything I could get my hands on, most of the time when I was traveling because latin music as you can assume is not very popular in my country. So as salsa music and dancing was spreading the world as an unstoppable virus that simply gets everyone to become an instant fan, I have discovered more about great names of latin music like Fania All-Stars, Tito Puente, Hector Lavoe, Ismael Rivera, Benny Moré and much more great names. I also have to learn about Guaguancó, Cuban Rumba, Mambo, and Guaracha so more I have learned I was fascinated and I wanted to know more and more about it.
As time was passing there was a bachata wave coming to hit the Europe with the first commercial hit in early 2000’s the one and only Judy Santons and Grupo Aventura with big hit ”Obsesion” even I knew some old school bachata artists I did follow the wave and learn all about it.
Last but not least there was an explosion of kizomba that is still on fire, and I have to say at beginning I was not a big fan, but once I have sneak deeper into the history and discovered semba and hearing the kizomba all the time I guess I have used to it, and later on even fall in love with the music and dancing.
There is numerous salsa styles, bachata styles, kizomba styles and above all we have a lot of festivals and congresses look like it has become a good business model. With that being said I am happy to be part of some of those events and I am truly grateful for my knowledge about the music and culture, that helped me to be invited to some of the major events and opportunity to meet new and great people.
Today I am a founder of website that helps artists, musician, festivals, dance schools and much more to promote themselves. In same time helping people to find great venues and review them in order to make the scene even better.

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