Gabriele Tranchina – Of Sailing Ships And The Stars In Your Eyes
The Alemana vocalist Gabriele Tranchina has been making a musical journey on the horizon of Sailing Ships and the Stars in Your Eyes, on the verge of a third musical production. (1996) and Song of Love’s Color (2010), and co-produced by Joe Vincent Tranchina and with the concurso of... Read more
Tromboranga – Tumbando Fronteras
Tromboranga publishes Tumbando Fronteras, his ninth musical production. What began in Barcelona as a concern of its director, the Venezuelan timbalero Joaquin Arteaga, has been transformed into a project that passed barriers, continents and, as its last title introduces us, is breaking down borders. In the last decade, and... Read more
Dj Lukas El Taz – Salsa In Crescendo
After his success Salsa Dramatica, DJ and Canadian percussionist DJ Lukas El Taz returns with his latest creation Salsa In Crescendo. This piece with a fascinating tension will certainly convulse dance floors in congresses. Pierre Luc Dostie (DJ Lucas), currently resides in Belgium, and boasts a musical backgound to... Read more
Powl Ameerali – SO!

Powl Ameerali – SO!

Music October 25, 2017 0

Since the early 1980s, Powl Ameerali has been a prominent figure in the Surinam music scene. As the lead singer of the Century group, Powl laced a name artistically. In SO !, Powl collaborates with the Dutch ensemble Masalsa in some of the cuts of the recording. Rosa, a... Read more
Ron Francis Blake – Assimilation
The American trumpeter Ron Francis Blake debuts with the magnificent recording Assimilation (hispeedhorns). an album of original pieces that moves by Latin-jazz with an impressive facility. 5 original songs and two covers (You And Me and Mr. Bond Half and Half) adorn the disc in which we find a... Read more
Malo Malo  – Derecho

Malo Malo – Derecho

Music October 25, 2017 0

Once again, the great Australian pianist Danny G Felix joins with his Bad Bad ensemble. On this occasion they record the number with the title Right. Tombola, the previous single cut of the Colombo-Australian group, had managed to position itself in world salsa charts. With the participation, once again,... Read more
Ayumi “Azucar” SuzukiI & Ayumania – Oukagekka
Ayumi Suzuki’s vibraphone, timbalera, composer and arranger launches her Ayumania debut, a musical production recorded between Tokyo and Los Angeles which includes 7 original numbers – composed and arranged by Suzuki- herself and two covers: Maria Cervantes by Noro Morales and Mi Amore by Naoya Matzuoka. In this disc... Read more
Cubanisms – Acento Cubano
Cubanisms is an excellent musical proposal in septet format that gives life to classics with a new touch and an implicit magic that falls in love from the first cut. With a strong and forceful vocal tandem, conformed by Fedra Cooper and Bruno Bessa, Cubanisms was created in Kansas... Read more
Johnny Mejia – Salsa, Son Montuno y Guaguanco
Johnny Mejia and his Orchestra Curare present their new album Salsa, Son Montuno and Guaguanco. Based in the United States since 1980, Mejía debuted with the recording Johnny Mejia and his Orchestra Curare in 2001, and in 2005 he released his second album Salsa Del Barrio. Salsa Son Montuno... Read more
Calle Soun – Pa La Calle
The meeting between the Cuban conguero Fernando Sanchez and the Colombian percussionist and arranger Fernando Valencia in Arkansas (USA) resulted in the birth of the band Soul Street, an ensemble based in the time of the salsa that flirts with the blues and a strong influence of timba. Pa... Read more